We’re here for you: MacEwan begins a new academic year

September 8, 2020 | Campus Life
At the beginning of a Fall semester like no other, I first want to acknowledge the commitment you have made in choosing to study at MacEwan this academic year and to answer that commitment with one of our own – whether your classes are online, in person or a mixture of both, we are dedicated to making your experience positive and safe.

While the majority of our students will be studying online, our campus is active. If you need to visit for any reason – to attend a class, to study, to access the library or to visit the registrar’s office – there are people here to help in every single building. Perhaps not as many people as a regular Fall term, but enough to make sure that essential services are available to you. Study spaces are open. Students are living in our residence. Food services are open. Our sport and wellness centre is open. And in every space that is accessible, we are carefully following procedures and protocols to keep everyone who is part of our MacEwan community safe.

Your professors have also been working incredibly hard over the summer to adapt their courses so that you can be successful, and learn within the new delivery format. Hundreds of our faculty members have been attending workshops and working closely with their colleagues in teaching and learning to make sure that your learning experiences in this unusual year are the best they can possibly be.

We are finding new and creative ways to provide the support and services you need to help you be successful and safe – moving our counselling services to video and telephone delivery, offering virtual fitness classes, providing in-person and online access to the MacEwan University Health Centre, launching a new Academic Advising Centre, and developing live chat options for Technology Support and the library. Whether offered in person, by phone, email or online, the vast majority of services we offer for students are still available to you.

Even though we can’t come together in the ways we have before, our students, faculty and staff are finding creative ways to stay connected. You can look forward to a whole range of virtual events and activities over the next several months, including some that reach out into the local communities that surround us. We can’t forget about our role as a downtown university and the part we play in contributing to the vibrancy of our city.

No, things aren’t back to normal, but we are moving forward and are prepared to scale up or wind down our on-campus activities quickly, based on what happens with COVID-19 over the coming months. We are addressing the challenges we continue to face in the best ways we can, and whenever possible, we are looking at those challenges as opportunities to grow and to become more resilient. I hope you, our students, will take the same approach. To nurture these intangible, but incredibly important, skills that are part of a quality, well-rounded university education.


Dr. Annette Trimbee
President and Vice-Chancellor


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