19 of our favourite photos from 2019

December 18, 2019 | Arts & Culture, Campus Life
As the year – and an entire decade – comes to a close, we’re sharing an unranked collection of 19 stand-out photos snapped in 2019.


1. A performance at the Fine Art Grad Show in April.


2. “I was walking past Allard Hall after another photo shoot and saw the light reflecting off the side of the building,” says MacEwan’s photographer Steven Stefaniuk. “I really liked how you could see someone working inside and that the image captures some of our downtown setting.”


3. MacEwan students, faculty and staff take part in tipi setup and teachings at maskêkosihk, Enoch Cree Nation, during the nation’s Spring Cultural Camp in late May.


4. Steven and Shauntae Manders, social media coordinator, woke up early, arrived on campus with an electric tea kettle in hand, and braved one of the coldest days of the year to create this shot for Instagram.


5. A bit of serendipity saw the art-science river valley walk organized by the Mitchell Art Gallery as part of Leanne Olsen’s With All Things Considered exhibition coincide with the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup. As volunteers dragged the bottom of the river, participants looked at what they found and discussed how waste is impacting waterways and ecosystems with Dr. David Locky and artist Dwayne Martineau.


6. The task: Take a series of evening shots of students working inside Allard Hall. The challenge: Slow shutter speed and a few accidental bumps. The result: One of our favourite campus shots of the year.


7. Theatre Arts students rehearse for A Midsummer Night’s Dream.


8. A stormtrooper giving the high striker a shot during the Students’ Association of MacEwan University’s Fall Fest is just ridiculous enough to draw our photographer’s attention.


9. A PAWSS dog rocking her jingle bells at kihêw waciston’s Student Wellness Day event in late November. 


10. Computer science alum Stephen Doyle flies this drone with his mind as media outlets capture the achievement for their news broadcasts. 


11. Building 6 awash in a September sunrise.


12. Steven travelled to the northern edge of the city to capture photos of researchers collecting soil samples, water samples and invertebrates as part of their work studying microplastics in Edmonton’s waterways.


13. Visiting artist Andrew Byrne offers a master class that included some unusual – and a bit odd-looking – exercises for theatre and voice students and faculty.


14. The Pride Week Drag Show wraps up with an energetic rendition of the Village People’s “YMCA.”


15. Anna Marie Sewell is a great sport during a photo shoot to introduce her as the university’s 2019 Writer in Residence.


16. Our annual New Student Orientation photo.


17. Students, faculty and staff hit the streets to paint the university’s first Pride sidewalks.


18. Bees swarm MacEwan’s beekeepers during the annual spring unwrapping of the hives on the roof of Building 5.


19. A warm look back at summer. Only six months until the next one. 



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