New CFAC Week 102: Lift off

October 25, 2016

NewCFAC_Week102 NewCFAC_Week102

Though the new Centre for Arts and Culture might look more or less like a finished building from the outside, up until recently, there had been one telltale sign that it wasn’t quite complete. On the northeast corner of the building, an external lift remained in place, giving crews access to upper floors of the building and making it easier to haul in supplies from outside. However, the lift was recently dismantled and removed, signaling a shift in construction needs and closing the chapter on an incomplete exterior.

A crane was brought in to dismantle the lift, which had been in service for the past several months. Now anything that needs to be moved to an upper floor—people or supplies—will have to use the interior freight elevator, which recently became operational. In anticipation of this change, crews moved some supplies in ahead of time, making use of the lift before it was removed.

Of course the building’s exterior isn’t 100 per cent finished. There is a column of boards patching areas that had been left open for lift access. The boards will soon be replaced by glass curtainwall panels on the outside. Inside the building, there is a room on each floor—including a drawing studio and an ensemble room—that have a hole in the wall that used to function as an access point for the lift. These walls will be closed in and finished.

Last week, work also continued on interior finishes in the east side of the building and scaffolding removal in the main atrium.

Fast Facts:

  • Average manpower for the week was 296 workers.

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