Leading with warmth

November 29, 2019 | Campus Life


I don’t know of any other university that has a mace like this. I believe they’re usually metal and a little more ornate, but I like that ours is natural and made by our namesake, Dr. Grant MacEwan. It’s actually a walking stick that he carved. Carrying it is an honour because his values of sustainability and leaving the world better than we found it have always resonated with me.

I’ve been at many convocation ceremonies, in various roles, so I’ve seen the event from different vantage points. But as mace bearer, you’re front and centre – you’re the person graduands see as they enter. This is actually my second time as mace bearer, and I remember the first time wondering, “should I smile or should I be serious?” I decided to smile at the grads as they came in because to me that represents MacEwan. There is a seriousness to the occasion, but it should also be warm and welcoming, because that’s the kind of environment we try to create for our students during their time here.

Creating a warm, welcoming atmosphere is important to the work I do in Services to Students with Disabilities, and I believe that faculty and staff across the university would agree – that no matter what message we’re giving students or why they’re seeking our support, we’re always leaving them feeling like they were welcomed and understood. Right through to their graduation.

- Abigail Parrish-Craig, Chair, Services to Students with Disabilities

Abigail was the mace bearer for one of MacEwan University’s Fall 2019 Convocation ceremonies.

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