Portrait: Logan Ewanchuk

June 1, 2017

I’ve always been passionate about hockey and baseball, but finding a way to tie those things to the numbers wasn’t easy and took some time.

In my third year, I began working on the first of several sports analytics projects related to baseball and hockey. One project related to the Boston Red Sox, my favourite team, and used categorical data analysis to look at which factors of the game are most significant for success—whether a team wins or loses an individual game. We found that, in general, pitching was a bit more valuable than hitting, and were able to summarize the game pretty effectively with just a handful of variables.

One of my profs suggested that I apply for an NSERC Undergraduate Research Award and my application was successful, so this summer I’m going to be doing some research related to time series analysis. Once I establish some more knowledge about the new theory, I’ll apply it to a data set—either cancer-related research data on toxic cells or more hockey analytics. Either way, it’s an exciting project that will keep me busy until the fall, when I’ll start my master’s in statistics at the University of Alberta.

I’ve had the opportunity to work with some really good people here at MacEwan—as I moved through my degree I enjoyed working in groups with other students and appreciated the support from my profs. I’m looking forward to celebrating that, and the support I’ve had from my family, at Convocation. Everybody has been so good to me.

—Logan Ewanchuk, Bachelor of Science, Mathematics

This story is part of our Meet the Class of 2017 series where new grads share their stories. Read more about our amazing grads.


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