8 hidden gems of campus life

ICON_GEMExplore a world that is uniquely MacEwan

1. Pedway culture

How do most people get around City Centre Campus? Via pedways. Not only do they make getting to class a breeze (you don’t even have to go outside!), but they offer fantastic views of the downtown core and make crossing busy 109 Street a walk in the park. (Along the way, you’re likely to encounter an orange cart our Facilities department uses to move things around.)

2. Tunnel vision

If pedways weren’t enough, MacEwan also has an underground tunnel connecting Buildings 5 and 6. There are a number of reasons why you might find yourself down there—underground is where you will find Print Services, several science labs and an underground parkade.

3. New favourite meet-up spot

It’s central, it’s unique—it’s the spiral staircase in Building 6, and it’s less confusing than, “No, not that coffee shop, the other one—no, the one on campus.” 

4. Orange cart expressway

Better watch out when you hear that whir of an electric motor behind you—you just might be in the way of one of City Centre Campus’s orange cart drivers. These guys make deliveries from Building 5 to the farthest reaches of Allard Hall, and every place in between. They have plenty of stops to make, so jump back when you hear them coming.

5. Free art and design gallery

Head over to Allard Hall to get your art fix. At any given time, you can wexplore installations, sculptures, design, art and more. 

6. kihêw waciston, Indigenous Centre

Did you know kihêw waciston welcomes all students? In Room 9-115 (formerly Paul Byrne Hall), you can find a quiet study space, get insights into Indigenous culture, and learn from the teachings and wisdom of Indigenous Elders.

7. Not-so-secret garden

If you’ve ever taken the east exit out of Building 5, you have walked through a mini garden oasis. Though Edmonton’s short autumn means you won’t have long to enjoy it, it’s a lush green space in the heart of downtown. (And it’s right on the route to the new MacEwan LRT station!)

8. Study squares

Maybe they’re not so much hidden as they are intriguing, but you may have wondered how to get into one of the study rooms on the edges of the library (located on the second and third floors of Buildings 6 and 7). There are usually study groups occupying them—if you want your group in there, you can book a time through the library.

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