Renewal project for student service areas to begin in May

Apr 11 2012

Watch our video about this project.

Marking the beginning of construction work in the Office of the Registrar, staff in the area will be temporarily relocated over the spring and summer months. As enrolment numbers increase at City Centre Campus, construction projects to renew the space in the registrar’s office and the Student Resource Centre (SRC) will better serve students by:

• improving space efficiency and office design to allow for increased numbers of staff in the space; and
• prompting staff to share resources and better communicate between and within departments.

Construction kicks off at the end of April, starting with the temporary relocation of the Office of the Registrar on April 28 and 29.

“We will do our best to maintain services during this move,” says university registrar Mike Sekulic, “but if you could stop by a week or two before or after the move, staff would really appreciate it.”

On April 30, students and guests of the university will find Information and Registration Services and the Student Fees Centre in Rooms 7-142 and 7-143, respectively.

The SRC remains in its current location, but visitors will have to use an alternate entrance (located in the vicinity of the current one).