50th Snapshot: Fond memories of Assumption Campus

September 29, 2021 | Campus Life


As MacEwan University celebrates its 50th Anniversary, we’re reaching out to members of our community, like Distinguished Alumni Award recipient Carol Lynn Babiuk, who attended Assumption Campus (above), to share their memories.

When I learned I was being recognized as a Distinguished Alumni in 1986, I was shocked and thrilled.

In 1977, I was in the Travel Consultant program at Assumption Campus. Back then, MacEwan offered a lot of programs you couldn't take anywhere else, and that made it really attractive for students across Alberta and Canada. I was very proud of the work I had done and proud to be part of an institution that recognized students who, at that time, couldn't go to a university.

Now I have my own graduate from MacEwan University — my daughter got her Bachelor of Science in 2016. On her first day at MacEwan, I met her after class at City Centre and I remember thinking about how the campus I went to – Assumption Campus at the corner of 107 Avenue and 97 Street – was so tiny.

At that time, there were four campuses, each with its own students' association and representatives that reported to a Central Council. I was president of Assumption, and when the Central Council president stepped down, I took on that role too. I continue to use the people skills, planning skills and conflict management skills that I learned during my time at MacEwan — in my program and in student government — in my current role.

The people I met at MacEwan have given me the fondest memories, like seeing Dr. Terry Flanagan pitch the idea for an alumni association and getting to meet with John Haar (MacEwan's first president). My interactions with students and staff taught me the importance of relationships, and I maintain some of those relationships even now.


At some point during my time at MacEwan, people began talking about a new campus and what it should look like. They hadn't acquired any land yet, but the concepts and graphics I saw showed so much space compared to our tiny classrooms at Assumption campus. There has been so much progress since then. 

–Carol Lynn Babiuk (nee Chilkowich), Travel Consultant '79 and Business Administration '79 and first-ever recipient of the Distinguished Alumni Award



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