50th Snapshot: Documenting MacEwan’s first two decades

September 22, 2021 | Campus Life


As MacEwan University celebrates its 50th Anniversary, we’re reaching out to members of our community to share their memories. In this first instalment of our "50th Snapshot' series, Dr. Glenn Ruhl (pictured at the far left standing behind Dr. Grant MacEwan), talks about his time as part of the MacEwan Foundation Office team. Photo circa 1992. Photo courtesy of Glenn Ruhl.

In 1992, I was working with the MacEwan Foundation on a fundraising campaign and reporting to then-president Gerry Kelly. He knew that I was a historian and asked if I might write a long-overdue history of the institution. The result was The History of Grant MacEwan Community College: The First Two Decades.

I was working on a short timeline and with limited resources, so writing the book was a challenge. But there were archival materials in storage and, best of all, I was able to locate some of the retired people who were part of the then-college’s original story.

One of my favourite “finds” was Dr. MacEwan’s response to the request to have a post-secondary institution named after him. Initially, Dr. MacEwan thought the request was a bit sketchy. In his foreword to the book, he said, “I was puzzled and flattered and didn’t overlook the possibility that my guests were indulging in humour. But graciously, they explained that they were serious and had already taken the first steps to set their plan in motion.”

Thinking about my own time at MacEwan, my fondest memory has to be the people. My colleagues at MacEwan were wonderful. How could someone not be attracted to an institution like MacEwan? Helping to revitalize the city centre, innovative programs and opportunities: I am proud of being part of that mission, if only for a short time.

–Dr. Glenn Ruhl, MacEwan Staff Member, 1992/93 


After working at MacEwan, Dr. Ruhl went on to work in industry before becoming a full professor at Mount Royal University. He retired in August 2021 after a 22-year teaching career.



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