Meet the Class: School of Business

July 15, 2021 | Business
With interests and ambitions as diverse as accounting, supply chain management and library technology, our School of Business grads are resourceful, resilient and set to make an impact on their communities.

Natasha Bedi, Bachelor of Commerce, Supply Chain and Logistics Management

I started my education at MacEwan with a Human Resource Management diploma. Soon after my graduation, I was employed and feeling accomplished; however, I felt I wanted to pursue a career that could integrate both human resources and the evolving world of technology and innovation. I decided to pursue a degree in supply chain and logistics and gained knowledge that amplified what I learned in my previous program and provided me with education that could be applied directly after my graduation.

My reason for wanting to branch into a more technology- and innovation-focused career is that it’s a fast-paced environment with constant growth – you are constantly engaged and absorbing knowledge! Supply chain and logistics offers that – it’s a world in which you learn something new constantly.

Eilene Dela Cruz, Library and Information Studies Diploma

Prior to entering my program, I had a very shallow understanding of what library professionals did – I thought they simply organized materials, served customers and found information for people. But I have learned that they do so much more than that. Library professionals teach and encourage lifelong learning.

I now know that to be happy in a library career, you need to be passionate about helping others and teaching people in a way where they can get to the answer themselves. I LOVE helping people in any way that I can, so when I discovered that, I knew this was the right career path for me. I felt that I truly found my calling, and where I truly belonged. It also helps quite a bit that I'm a bibliophile!

I plan on working as a library technician for a year and then hope to come back to MacEwan to finish my Bachelor of Arts. After that, I hope to obtain my Masters in Library and Information Science at the University of Alberta and continue my work within the library community.

Briana McWhirter, Business Management Diploma

Volunteering at the SAMU Pantry changed my life. I was struggling with depression and it really helped me to get out of the house and help others in need. I’ve wanted to help others ever since I was a child and I thought this was the perfect opportunity to do that. I’ve been volunteering for the Pantry for two-and-a-half years now and I love every minute of it. It gives me purpose.

My advice to students is to please, please use the free services at SAMU! There's the Pantry, peer support, doggo time, safe walk and many more. And if you struggle with keeping up in classes you might be able to use MacEwan services like Access and Disability Resources. These services can save your life, like they did mine.

Chase Soosay, Bachelor of Commerce, Accounting

My current ambitions are so different from when I first began my studies. I came to MacEwan hoping to enter a career in policing. At the time, I wanted to work within First Nations communities and tackle issues by working in the justice system. However, I soon realized that many of my people were suffering, coping and surviving a system that was flawed. I did not want to be the individual to put my own people away.

I have been accepted to the Master of Accounting program at the University of Alberta and am also currently studying to obtain the CPA designation. I will be working with one of the big four accounting firms this coming fall, but my ultimate pursuit is to create a mentorship program, an organization that will support Indigenous youth throughout their studies. It is daunting to come from smaller communities into larger institutions with a lack of support or tools. I have been very grateful for the awards and scholarships throughout my education, so it’s these opportunities and resources that I hope to shed light on, and hopefully create further supports.

I encourage students to get involved. The opportunities that MacEwan has, the groups, the networks, the events and supports – utilize them. The individuals that you will meet and skills you will learn along the way are invaluable. Do not just go to class, go home and study. Make the most out of your education. You will learn so much about yourself when you embrace uncertainty and challenge yourself into new opportunities.

Adam Tait, Bachelor of Commerce, Accounting

In my second year, I had a class with a finance professor who spoke about the many opportunities in the finance world. He made it sound very enjoyable and rewarding, and that was a pivotal moment that led me to take the program more seriously. It reminded me that I truly wanted to be a business person and to be that, I needed to work hard and study hard. Once I realized the life and career possibilities that having a Bachelor of Commerce presents, it made it a lot easier to be driven in my studies.

I found it helpful to develop relationships with my professors. You can help yourself immensely by seeking extra help outside of class time. Prior to taking a certain English class, I had never received a grade higher than B- in an English course. I reached out to the professor after the first lecture and informed him that English and literature was not my strong suit. He told me that I’m in the same boat as everyone else and that if I put an effort in, I’d succeed. Well I did, and he helped me when I asked for it. I got an A in that class. Without me reaching out to him that first day I would not have aced the class.

I just started my professional career in the auto industry as an accounting associate. I hope to get my Chartered Professional Accountant designation in the near future and become a controller for a business. And you never know, maybe my career path will change. Time will tell where I end up, but my plan is to work hard and trust the process!

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