Students get political

May 18, 2016

Capital report highlights student political journalism

For the second year running, students in Peter Ryan’s fourth-year Reporting on Canadian Politics course got a taste of what it’s like to have a finger on the pulse of what’s happening in politics locally, provincially and nationally.

Each student researched and wrote three news reports and one full-length feature from which the student-run online magazine selects the top stories to include in the annually released Capital Report, including Jasmine Pushak’s Powershift Alberta: Sustainable solutions for big oil problems.

Peter says that these stories are more than class projects, they’re examples of engaging and quality political journalism from new reporters on the verge of earning their degrees.

“It’s a pleasure to see the great work students have created over the Capital Report’s two issues,” says the faculty member in the Bachelor of Communication Studies program. “Students work through the entire print journalism cycle—developing stories for a deadline, polishing the finished product, publishing it in a reader-friendly format and promoting their work online. In other words, they’re putting into practice the knowledge they gained over the entire term about Canadian politics, government public relations and the media cycle. In fact, part of the course includes the students visiting the Legislature of Alberta to learn directly from the Government’s media and public relations experts.”

It’s an experience that Sahar Saifee, one of the Capital Report’s three volunteer editors, will take much from as the recent graduate begins her career.

“Volunteering to put together the federal politics section was one of my first opportunities to take on an editorial role,” says Sahar. “I’m excited about how this issue turned out—I think there’s something that everyone can take from this issue. It offers perspectives from so many different people—on things that you don’t see in the news every day.”

Here are just a few of the stories you’ll find at


Electoral reform may finally be coming to Canada 
By Jennifer Henderson—Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has promised that the October federal election would be the last time Canada would use the first-past-the-post voting system.


Alberta’s environmental agenda 
By Jasmine Pushak—After over 100 years of development in the fossil fuel industry, Alberta’s government has recently released a Climate Leadership Plan. So, what exactly are the details of this plan, and how do they affect Albertans?


Families reeling from Edmonton’s EI exclusion  
By Nicholas L. Hobson—A young Edmonton father is left wondering “why?” as debt and bills pile up and resumes go unanswered. As questions and controversy arise from the Federal Budget’s exclusion of Edmonton in the EI extensions, laid off workers are still left looking for new ways to feed their families.

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