MacEwan moves Academic Calendar online

September 28, 2018 | Campus Life

Every year, MacEwan University publishes an Academic Calendar that serves as an official record of programs and courses by academic year. The calendar is a resource for any information on admissions, registration, enrolment and academic procedures and policies.

And now, thanks to a new online format, accessing the calendar is a much more user-friendly experience.

Here are just a few of the new online Academic Calendar’s features:

Easy to navigate

  • A navigation menu and search bar make it easy to locate the specific information you’re looking for
  • Links within the document allow you to jump between sections of the calendar, and pop-up information bubbles provide additional information


  • The calendar was designed to work with screen reader technology, making it accessible to students and staff with visual impairments
  • A mobile responsive design allows access from just about any device

Up to date

  • New information can be added/edited directly within the software, eliminating duplication of effort and reducing the risk of error


  • Printing is no longer required, or can be done in limited sections, as needed
  • Take a look at the new Academic Calendar at

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