MacEwan launches new entrance scholarship program

November 9, 2018 | Campus Life
Students accepted to MacEwan University for Fall 2019 may receive an exciting surprise when they open their admission letter – a scholarship offer.

These students will be the first to benefit from MacEwan’s new entrance scholarship program, a tiered financial award system based on high school grades.

Students do not need to apply for entrance scholarships, and funds are automatically deposited in their student account before fees are due in September, explains Frankie Billingsley, director of student financial aid.

“It’s important for us, as a university, to tell students we value their Grade 12 scholarly success. We really listened to parents and students who wanted high school marks to count for something,” she says.

While certain faculties have made use of small pockets of funding to reward high school grades in the past, students had to apply and the money was not distributed until December, explains Frankie.

“The new program is more consistent, and applies to every degree applicant coming from high school. It’s overall more equitable, and that’s what MacEwan is all about.”

The entrance scholarship program is tiered as follows based on high school averages:

  • 95+ per cent receives $5,000*
  • 90 to 94 per cent receives $3,000
  • 84 to 89 per cent receives $2,000
  • 80 to 84 per cent receives $1,000**

* Those in the 95+ per cent range are eligible to renew their scholarship annually if they maintain a 3.5 GPA over 24 credits (12 per semester)
** Only applies to students in the School of Business and Faculty of Fine Arts and Communications

Though adding entrance scholarships ensures the university has comparable financial awards to post-secondaries across Canada, the program is also specifically designed for MacEwan.

“For example, our Faculty of Nursing has competitive admissions,” says Frankie. “So only the 20 students with the highest admission averages will receive entrance scholarships. However, if there are more than 20 students in the 95+ per cent range, they will all receive scholarships."

In one faculty, says Frankie, money is not always restricted to those who have the highest high school grades – it can be used to reward creative abilities. "In the Faculty of Fine Arts and Communications, $20,000 is available to incoming students who have an outstanding audition or portfolio as part of their admission process. "

Ultimately, the new program’s goal is to ensure students feel they are being rewarded for their academic efforts.

“Research also shows that students who are driven to succeed academically tend to be engaged in the campus community,” says Frankie. “We’re hoping this translates into an active student body.”

MacEwan offers hundreds of scholarships, awards and bursaries to students in all years of their programs. Use the searchable online database to find funding opportunities tailored to you and your program.

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