Transforming the university's food services

September 19, 2016

City Centre Market now offers new, flexible kitchen concepts

It was months in the making, but MacEwan University’s new Food Services area at City Centre Market was well worth the wait. More of a transformation than a renovation, the space has undergone a complete overhaul, placing MacEwan University ahead of the pack when it comes to post-secondary food service.

“One of our goals in Campus Services is to be a leader and innovator in food services,” says Campus Services Director Kris Bruckmann. “This renovation is a huge step in that direction.”

The changes are a response to student demand. According to Hospitality Services Coordinator Susan Cooper, food service trends change faster than most post-secondary institutions can keep up with, especially when you’re locked into long-term contracts with national chains. That’s why this renovation was all about creating flexible food service concepts, so students—as well as faculty and staff—can have their favourites and new options too.

“We now have stations that can accommodate an array of brands and cooking styles,” explained Susan. “For example, a station might house an Asian wok concept and the following semester be transformed into a burger joint or a pizzeria.”

It’s an innovative idea, and one that allows Food Services to bring more local vendors to campus.

“The vendors that we are partnering with match our values, which are high quality local ingredients with five-star care,” says Kris. “Utilizing local brands allows us to offer more options throughout the year than just national brands.”

Some of the new, local vendors taking up residence on campus are Careit and Jack’s Burger Shack. Careit is a local, urban deli with a fresh take on affordable food prepared as naturally as possible, says Susan. Jack’s Burger Shack will be the first vendor to be housed in a new kitchen concept called Taste. “They take fast-food style burgers to a whole new level,” notes Susan. “You’ll have to taste it to believe it.”

Along with those additions, a bigger, better Subway returned to the City Centre Market and another new kitchen concept dubbed Oven made its debut.

“The concept behind Oven is that it’s formed around the cooking style of an oven, so that can mean pizzas or cinnamon buns, or anything you can cook front-house with a deck oven,” notes Kris. “Right now it will open up as an Italian concept with a local, Albertan twist, but the design leaves us the ability to change it up.”

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