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November 21, 2016

Podcasts and long-form stories about what makes us tick

Check out the university’s official podcast, Clock Radio, and companion long-form stories on MacEwan.ca designed to get us thinking about issues, initiatives or interesting things happening on or near our campus.

Check out our most recent long-form story and podcast episode:


Goodbye, old friend

The Centre for the Arts and Communications. CFAC. Jasper Place Campus. The west-end building. The Great Pumpkin. The Big Block of Cheese. Call it what you will, but for more than three decades, students, staff and faculty members in MacEwan’s fine arts and performing programs have been proud to call it home.

Reading time: 20 minutes (4,000 words) 


IMAGE_LONGFORM_CLOCK_RADIOClock Radio Podcast Episode 10: CFAC Memories

Over the past year, we’ve asked students, staff and faculty of today and yesterday to share their memories of our beloved west-end campus.
Listening time: 25 minutes

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Time to listen

In light of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s calls to action, universities across Canada have been discussing indigenizing education. MacEwan students and faculty members discuss what indigenizing education means for the university.

Reading time: 13 minutes (2,600 words) 


IMAGE_LONGFORM_CLOCK_RADIOClock Radio Podcast Episode 9: Lived experience is the best way to learn

We sat down with staff members from kihêw waciston, MacEwan University’s Indigenous education centre, to learn about smudging.
Listening time: 15 minutes


Majoring in curiosity

If you think research isn't for you, then you'll probably be surprised to find out that you're probably already doing it. At MacEwan, the research umbrella is big enough to cover almost anything you can think of—business case competitions, studies on everything from bugs to drugs, short stories, book cover designs, art installations or music compositions. These four stories show how research can boost your education, no matter what you study.

Reading time: 11 minutes (2,200 words) 

IMAGE_LONGFORM_CLOCK_RADIOClock Radio Podcast Episode 8: Listen

When you think about academic research, an art installation may not immediately come to mind. But research is much more than just science labs and hard data. And the best research does what art aspires to do: it tells a story.
Listening time: 12 minutes

IMAGE_LONGFORM_GSM Challenging the way we think about gender

“It’s a boy” or “It’s a girl.” Blue or pink. Trucks and trains, or dolls and dresses. It’s a story that begins the moment a baby takes its first breath—and often long before that. But what if you don’t fit into the binary construct of gender? Students, faculty and administration talk about gender and sexual minority issues on campus.  

Reading time: 11 minutes (2,200 words)

IMAGE_LONGFORM_CLOCK_RADIOClock Radio Podcast Episode 7: Consent

Meet a new face on campus who will play a key role in helping realize the goal of ending sexual violence on campus.  
Listening time: 15 minutes

IMAGE_LONGFORM_SAFE_SPACES When safe isn’t simple

Can a space truly be 100 per cent safe? Should we be aiming for “safer spaces” instead? Or is there a risk that safe spaces actually prevent open discussion by misinterpreting safety in ways that shut down unpopular ideas and views? And could these places inadvertently become hideaways for a variety of ugly “-isms”? These big questions are being asked at campuses everywhere, including MacEwan University.   

Reading time: 8 minutes (1,700 words) 

IMAGE_LONGFORM_CLOCK_RADIOClock Radio Podcast Episode 1: When safe isn’t simple

Junaid Jahangir speaks about what he thinks it will take to change a community's perspective on LGBTQ issues.   
Listening time: 11 minutes


Personal stories are powerful learning tools—faculty member Petra Schulz knows this to be true. While she was initially hesitant about blurring the lines between her personal and professional lives, that feeling melted away when she saw how Bachelor of Science in Nursing students responded when she shared the painful story of losing her son Danny to fentanyl addiction in 2014.

Reading time: 10 minutes (1,900 words)

IMAGE_LONGFORM_CLOCK_RADIOClock Radio Podcast Episode 4: After Danny died

Petra Schulz talks about educating the next generation of healthcare practitioners about the human face of addiction.  
Listening time: 11 minutes


IMAGE_LONGFORM_FIRST_YEARHow to make it through the roller coaster ride that is first-year university

By now, you’ve probably heard all of the cheesy analogies. The first year of university is like a mountain. Or the ocean. Or a box of chocolates. Do you know what first year is actually like? A roller coaster. So hold on, things are about to get real.

Reading time: 9 minutes (1,900 words)

IMAGE_LONGFORM_CLOCK_RADIOClock Radio Podcast Episode 5: The first year
You have a lot of learning to do in your first year of university—both in and outside of class.
Listening time: 22 minutes

IMAGE_LONGFORM_INTERNATIONALThe importance of international education

Thanks to technology and travel, the world feels like a smaller place than it did even a decade ago. You’re no longer limited to choosing your post-secondary destination based on your geographic location. And you can make an informed decision about your future before leaving your country. Hear about studying abroad’s many benefits—in and outside of the classroom.  

Reading time: 9 minutes (1,750 words)

IMAGE_LONGFORM_CLOCK_RADIOClock Radio Podcast Episode 6: Victoria: International woman of mystery
How exactly do students who live thousands of miles away find their way to MacEwan? We sat down with one of our international recruiters to find out.
Listening time: 16 minutes

IMAGE_LONGFORM_BIKESA long way from Copenhagen

Edmonton is well on its way to offering more diverse commuting routes for its citizens, but cyclists and motorists continue struggling to share the roads. Bachelor of Communications student Heather Magusin is researching why.

Reading time: 9 minutes (1,850 words)

IMAGE_LONGFORM_CLOCK_RADIOClock Radio Podcast Episode 2: Cycling in the winter city

We spoke to Dave Buchanan about his research into historical bike culture and how the average bike commuter can start riding in the coldest months.
Listening time: 12 minutes

THUMB_GOGRIFFS2At the top of their game

A new generation of MacEwan teams runs fast, plays hard and goes further than they ever expected in CIS play.

Reading time: 10 minutes (1,950 words)

Clock Radio Podcast Episode 3: More than a game

Brothers Ryan and Travis May enjoyed university basketball from different vantage points—Ryan as team captain and Travis, who uses a wheelchair, as colour commentator—but the time they’ve shared on the court has created memories both agree will last a lifetime. 
Listening time: 11 minutes

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