A sunny start

Jul 14 2017

President Deborah Saucier celebrates her arrival at MacEwan with some fun in the sun


Deborah Saucier officially kicked off her term as president of MacEwan University with a barbecue for the MacEwan community. The event provided a fun opportunity for the MacEwan community to get to know their new president while enjoying the sunshine.

“I couldn’t imagine a warmer, more authentic welcome,” Deborah said as she addressed her new colleagues and students. She also acknowledged MacEwan’s former president. “I know he’s not here today, but I really want to thank David Atkinson for his leadership and service to our community.”

Deborah also took the opportunity to reflect on Canada’s place in the world, and the opportunities MacEwan has to contribute in a positive way. “Canada is known as a stable and prosperous democracy, and Canadians are known for their tolerance and social values,” she said. “But we have much to do. Our first peoples have the right to expect sincere efforts to meet the calls of action of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Who better than us to recognize our colonial history and work to achieve reconciliation by providing access to a great education, grounded in high quality pedagogy and innovative teaching and learning opportunities.”

“Education that emphasizes research, scholarly and creative work is a transformative experience for all,” she continued. “It makes doors harder to shut. It gives voice to people to speak out against injustice. Our work at MacEwan is fundamental to ensuring that Canada remains a just and inclusive society, to continue to challenge the status quo and ask every day how we can do better for all Canadians.”

She closed by remarking on the busy time that lies ahead for the university. “I’ll leave you with a final wish for a fruitful, relaxing and fun summer with your friends and family,” she said. “But prepare yourself for the fall because we’re going to continue to have much to do and much to celebrate as we open our new building, Allard Hall.”

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