Summer will be here sooner than you think — time to get a job

February 1, 2020 | Campus Life
Congratulations! You just survived the start of the new year, navigating the icy roads and subzero temperatures. Midterms are on your mind and you might be wondering if your workload is ever going to let up. The last thing you’re thinking about is finding a summer job, right? Wrong.

Even though it’s the thick of the Winter term, it’s also time to start the summer job hunt. Here are four tips to make sure you don’t get left out in the cold.

Tip #1: Start looking now

Even though exams, papers and projects are going to be constant to-dos on your list, find time in your schedule to review summer job postings on MacEwanLife, which includes a job board just for students.

Cynthia Gracey Dunch, career development specialist in Career Development and Experiential Learning (CDEL), says that federal, provincial and municipal governments began posting jobs for summer students in January. And since these and many other top employers post their summer positions early, competitions for many jobs typically close in February and March.

Don’t delay, log in today!

Tip #2: Find the job that matches the skills you want to develop

Don’t settle for a summer job that you will be a shoe-in for. Think about your goals and the kind of job that will help you achieve them or help you explore and develop your skills.

“Some students might have been doing the same summer job for several years and there may be reasons to keep that job, but you may also want to think in terms of diversifying your skills,” Cynthia says. “Think about how this job is going to help you develop the connections and skills you need to progress in your career path.”

Tip #3: Don’t get caught with your (resume) pants down

You never know when an opportunity will come up to meet with a potential employer. Update your resume, consider developing your LinkedIn profile and get help from CDEL, which can review both. “We also do mock interviews,” says Cynthia. “So rather than waiting for that interview, you can come in early and practice with us.”

Tip #4: Don’t limit your job search to what’s online

Sometimes the job search is all about timing, so don’t just apply for positions you see online. You never really know when an employer might be considering offering a new position. Cynthia recommends targeting the companies that you’re interested in. Do your research, contact the appropriate person and find out what opportunities are available. They just might be in need of someone like you.



Bonus tip: Attend the Get to Work Career Fair

Learn about employment opportunities, types of jobs, qualifications required and how to apply for summer, permanent and part-time work. This is a key networking opportunity, and all students are invited to attend.

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