Neill Fitzpatrick, assistant professor of journalism, is presenting at TEDxMacEwanU on January 23.

Truth told: Neill Fitzpatrick

January 22, 2019 | Society
Truth. The pursuit of this five-letter word is the responsibility of every post-secondary institution: to seek truths that are sometimes universal, often personal and occasionally just plain controversial.

It also happens to be the theme of a TEDxMacEwanU event on January 23, where MacEwan faculty members and alumni will explore truth in its many forms.

Neill Fitzpatrick, who has spent much of his career as a journalist with CBC News and Global News, studies media manipulation and "fake news" in the post-truth/Trump era. As an assistant professor in the Faculty of Fine Arts and Communications, Neill designs and teaches courses in journalism, media relations and digital communications. While he recognizes there's never been a more challenging time for journalism, Neill also believes there's never been more opportunity for journalists to cut through the noise and share the facts with news consumers.

Leading up to the event, we’re asking our TEDxMacEwanU presenters some questions about truth. Here's what Neill had to say.

What is your current state of mind about your presentation?

Determined … to spread the word. 

What do you think we struggle with the most about the truth you’re presenting?

Overcoming decades of distrust in journalism (made worse in the past two years). 

What truth blew your mind wide open?

That Android really is better than iPhone.

Why does truth matter today?

Social media spreads lies and deception faster and more completely than ever before. 

Does objective truth exist?

It does, but it's often lost in the social media abyss. 

What’s the truth you’ve had the most trouble accepting about yourself?

That I'm not as young as I feel. 

What was your moment of truth?

When I decided to leave journalism after 30 years to teach at MacEwan. 

Name one universal truth.

Apple pie is best with a thick slice of cheddar cheese. 

To tell the truth …I believe journalists can regain the trust of the people. 

Join Neill on January 23 at TEDxMacEwanU: Truth Told.

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