Students in Evguenia Iskra’s study tour to Central Europe at the Vienna Art History Museum.

Where in the world ... Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest and Prague

July 4, 2019 | Business

When business students in Evguenia Iskra’s study tour course made their way to Central Europe in May, the assistant professor knew exactly what she was hoping they would take away from the time they spent travelling through Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest and Prague: an appreciation for the complexity of the globalization process and the interconnectedness of the legal framework in which businesses operate.

“I wanted them to be able to discuss these topics with clarity, nuance and examples from their personal experiences,” says Evguenia. 


 In our “Where in the World” series, students and faculty members share highlights from this year’s study tours, exchanges, internships and field schools. Talk to a faculty advisor or visit for opportunities.  

Hearing students share how inspired they were by the business owners they met, how the study tour helped them see new career paths, and expressing their changed perspectives on OPEC and the United Nations were highlights for Evguenia.

For Michael Sulyma, who had already been on a study tour earlier in the program and didn’t need the credits, it was still an opportunity he couldn’t pass up.

“It’s hard to put into words the value of knowledge and life experiences that I’ve gained, but visiting the United Nations in Vienna was definitely a highlight,” says the recent Bachelor of Commerce grad who walked across the stage at the Spring 2019 Convocation ceremonies. “In a world that seems to be trending towards protectionism, it was inspiring to be in a place where people from every corner of the globe were working together towards common goals – to witness that the world is still cooperating.”


Michael Sulyma, recent Bachelor of Commerce grad, at the United Nations in Vienna.

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