A summer at the museum

July 22, 2015


Arts and Cultural Management student explores marketing through Royal Alberta Museum internship

The lazy days of summer is only an expression for many of MacEwan University’s faculty, staff and students. They spend the hottest months of the year volunteering, travelling, researching, creating art and culture, and more. Before the Fall 2015 term kicks off, we wanted to share a little of what some of them are working on.

Hanako Nagao had finished a year of art school in Calgary when she decided art wasn’t a profession she wanted to pursue. Though she enjoyed creating art as a hobby, she was more interested in the management side of the arts.

Having completed her first year in MacEwan University’s Arts and Cultural Management program, Hanako was accepted to the Friends of Royal Alberta Museum Society (FRAMS) Aboriginal Museum Internship (AMI) Program. The paid internship typically pairs students with curators in the same field they are studying; however, Hanako’s education in arts management made her a prime candidate to assist with the museum’s marketing and events.

“I’ve seen a lot of real-world applications of what I’m learning in school,” she says. “I get to see what a media callout looks like and how our social media campaign works. I even got to help out with the ad campaign photo shoots, which was really fun.”

When she initially began Arts and Cultural Management, she wanted to be involved in art gallery curatorial work, but has discovered through her work at the museum that she wants to move further in the direction of arts marketing.

Read Hanako’s insights as an intern on the Royal Alberta Museum blog.

By the end of August, her internship will wrap and she will be returning to school for the Fall term. Already she has some top-notch advice for future Arts and Cultural Management students.

“Get out there and immerse yourself in the field as much as possible. There are so many volunteer experiences. Even just going out to festivals and art galleries really helps to give you an idea of whether it’s the field for you.”

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