Festive summer

July 24, 2015


Arts and Cultural Management student shares her summer internship experience working at the Works

The lazy days of summer is only an expression for many of MacEwan University’s faculty, staff and students. They spend the hottest months of the year volunteering, travelling, researching, creating art and culture, and more. Before the Fall 2015 term kicks off, we wanted to share a little of what some of them are working on.

As anyone in the city will tell you, Edmonton really has just one season: festival season, and like other festivals, the Works—North America’s largest free outdoor art and design show—relies on many devoted volunteers and interns to put it all together.

Arts and Cultural Management student Lucille Frost is one of those devoted interns. Her passion for public art was fuelled by her earlier internships with the Works festival back when she was an art student at the University of Alberta.

“After finishing my degree and working elsewhere for a while, I decided that this was actually what I wanted to do,” she says, motioning to the installations, tents and vendors surrounding her in sunny Churchill Square. “I decided to get the credentials to do that, and the connections that I made in this program have helped me really hone those skills into a profession over the last year.”

Those skills combined with her experience have helped her climb the ranks of the Works’ internship program—she’s now a curatorial supervisor, helping out in the run-up to the festival.

“The run-up to the festival is about organizing all the details in regards to exhibits—bringing in artists, reviewing applications, contracting artists and ensuring all the artwork is brought to the site,” she explains.

During the festival, she works on site to maintain exhibits (weather causes a lot of wear and tear) and at the end, she participates in the tear-down of the entire festival—a task that must be completed in 12 hours.

“I love the work that I get to do,” says Lucille. “I get to experience something different every day, and every year that I come back, it’s different. It’s a constantly evolving process.”

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