The RA experience

September 4, 2018 | Campus Life
I’ve always been a helper. So when I saw the residence assistant job posting, it intrigued me. I thought, “That seems like fun!” So I applied, and I’ve spent the last year working to make students’ lives easier.

Sometimes there’s shade thrown at RAs – that we’re glorified hall monitors or babysitters. My coworkers and I don’t want residents to feel like we’re their guardians. The number one thing we want to communicate is that we’re students too. Yes, we have this job, but we’re students first. Really, the only difference between a resident and an RA is that we’ve been through some of the tough experiences already. We’ve lived here before, we know the city and we know how stressful first year can be.

So come meet your RA. We’re like walking information desks. We organize events, we listen to your concerns and we know how to help make your university experience better.

– Darius, Senior Residence Assistant and 3rd year student, Bachelor of Science, Biology

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