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November 8, 2018 | Society
Everyone knows a MacEwan grad. Our alumni are woven into the fabric of our city, our province and beyond. They’re police officers, nurses, social workers, entrepreneurs, musicians – people who contribute directly to the health and vibrancy of their communities.

As we get ready to welcome our newest alumni at our Fall Convocation, we also wanted to celebrate the many MacEwan alumni who have been recognized over the past month, including seven of Avenue Magazine’s 2018 Top 40 Under 40, three Western Canadian Music Award winners and an alumna/criminology prof who is being recognized for her contributions to research on crime and victimization.

Top 40 Under 40

On November 7, Avenue celebrated 40 Edmontonians under the age of 40 for their innovative, exciting and powerful accomplishments. Meet the seven MacEwan graduates who made the list for the awards’ tenth anniversary:

“The more diverse a place is – ecologically or otherwise – the more interesting and resilient it will inherently be. In some ways, Edmonton is this environment where nature and city are being woven together in a meaningful way. So I like to think we’re primed for this kind of growth.”

Dustin Bajer (Bachelor of Science transfer ‘03), Founder of Public Ecology and Forest City Plants. Read his Avenue profile

“I really wanted to change future paths for other families. If you have mental-health issues or a disability, you yourself can get the services, but then the family is really left on their own.”

– Joanna Brown (Rehabilitation Practitioner ‘03), Co-founder of Neighbourhood Bridges, Founder of Rejoice Nutrition & Wellness. Avenue profile

 “Sometimes I feel very alone in my experience but I know if even just one person in the audience feels the same way then there’s a connection, and it’s almost like healing through theatre. I think that’s why Man Up! has been so successful.”

– Gregory Caswell (Public Relations ‘14), Founder of Man Up! Avenue profile.

“[The Maggie Tree] is focused on providing opportunities for female artists, and that’s expanded as the years have gone by, [to] trans voices, including the female-identifying perspective. Our main goal was we just wanted to have cool women work together on projects and to be in power positions, choosing the plays, directing, just having more visibility for women on stage and backstage.”

– Kristi Hansen (Theatre Arts ‘01), Co-founder of The Maggie Tree theatre company. Avenue profile

“The world is moving more and more to Big Data, and we were looking at bringing those kind of analytics, on a granular level, to real estate...We continue to look to innovate. There is no ceiling. And, with what we do, there is no limit to geography.”

– Emmett Hartfield (Bachelor of Commerce ‘10), Founder of Intelligence House, real-estate research. Avenue profile

“Right now, there’s a great need for social housing. It’s essentially in crisis state—not just in Edmonton, but across Canada. So we’re excited to be building and delivering these units for the Capital Region Housing Corporation, but we had to ask ourselves, ‘how are we working to actually solve this problem? Our goal is as many people as possible explore a new career that could ultimately elevate them out of the social housing system.”

– Christopher Johnston (Business Management ‘16), Director of Business Intelligence, Stuart Olson Construction. Avenue profile

“Our goal is education and advocacy. We want others to recognize arts and culture in Alberta as a business. I love seeing musicians take their art seriously – what they do has so much value.”

– Carly Klassen (Arts and Cultural Management ‘08), Executive Director, Alberta Music. Avenue profile

MacEwan’s president Deb Saucier sat alongside five other prominent Edmontonians on the panel of judges that selected the 2018 Top 40 Under 40.

Musical wonders

In October, the Western Canadian Music Awards celebrated the best of artistic and music industry talent in this part of the country – including three MacEwan alumni.

Scenic Route to Alaska, including bassist Murray Wood (Music ‘10), took home Rock Artist of the Year, guitarist Chris Segger (Music ‘08) with Striker, won Metal/Hard Music Artist of the Year and vocalist HAVYN (Music ‘12) was named Urban Artist of the Year.

Rubim Toledo, section head of MacEwan’s bass department in the Department of Music, was awarded Jazz Artist of the Year.

Early achiever

Now a criminology professor at Florida State University, Jillian Turanovic (Bachelor of Arts ‘09) is being presented with the American Society of Criminology’s 2018 Developmental & Life-Course Criminology Early Career Award for her research, which looks at how crime, punishment and victimization affect people and communities. The award recognizes an individual who, within four years of receiving a doctoral degree, has made a significant contribution to scholarly knowledge. Read more about Jillian’s work.

More alumni in the news:

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