First distinguished artists target lasting impression on fine art students

March 5, 2012

talking north imageMacEwan University’s Fine Art program is proud to welcome two internationally active artists to the Centre for the Arts and Communications for three days of residency.

Distinguished artists

From March 19 to 21 trans-disciplinary artist Matthew Biederman and cultural and media researcher Stephen Kovats will mentor and collaborate with fine art faculty and students. “This program allows me to integrate the visit into the curriculum so that it has real impact on student learning. They will see a direct relationship between what the visitors bring to what we are focused on in the classroom,” says Fine Art program chair Leslie Sharpe.

What’s in store

Biederman and Kovats start things off with a seminar related to circumpolar culture and a workshop on transmission art/sound art for second year fine art students. The pair will then hold a public lecture and discussion entitled Talking North: Art, Technology, Community where they will discuss their projects related to the Canadian North through their organizations Arctic Perspective Initiative (API) and r0g_media (a collective agency for open culture, art and critical transformation). “These activities lead to a final student project and are part of a component of their second year Intermedia course titled We Are North,” Sharpe says. “The goal of this section of the course is to remind students that artwork related to space and place not only branches out into a wide range of practice, but also includes cultural and physical experience and knowledge of where they are now and where they are from,” she explains.

Unique opportunity

“Both Biederman and Kovats are working on the cutting edge of what is going on in contemporary art related to community, place, technology and issues related to the north such as climate change, ideas of citizen science, and sovereignty over place and culture,” Sharpe says. “Both visitors have a great deal of experience working with major art venues and collaborating with artists across discipline, having been active in many international exhibitions and symposia. This is a unique opportunity for our students to tap into the expertise of both visitors with a topic that is relevant for who and where they are as young artists living in Edmonton.”

Open event

Free public lecture and discussion
Talking North: Art, Technology, Community
Tuesday, March 20, 2012, 7:00 – 9:00 p.m., refreshments to follow
Lecture Hall 9-103, Robbins Health Learning Centre
MacEwan University City Centre Campus

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