University welcomes 22nd writer in residence

September 18, 2014

Need advice about writing? Dr. Susan Minsos can help

On September 29, Dr. Susan Minsos becomes MacEwan University’s 22nd writer in residence, occupying a prestigious position held by Canadian poets, novelists, essayists and screenwriters. Previous writers in residence have included Richard Van Camp, Lynn Coady, Curtis Gillespie and current faculty member Jacqueline Baker.

Susan will be working on some projects of her own as well as providing support and professional insights to people interested in writing, whether as a hobby or as a career.

In 2002 and 2004, she published two academic books – Culture Clubs: The Art of Living Together and Weird Tit-for-Tat: The Game of Our Lives, both of which argue that socialization is a game that people are born ready and able to play. She followed up those books in 2009 with the first book in The Mohawk Trilogy.

Drawing inspiration from her hometown of Brantford, Ontario, and from her research on early Canadian author Sara Jeannette Duncan, Susan wrote The Mohawk Trilogy – the story of Mohawk hero Tehawennihárhos during the tumultuous 1840s in the Brantford-Six Nations area of Upper Canada.

The trilogy sheds light on some historical injustices that many Canadians may not know about – an issue that strikes a chord with Susan, who retired as coordinator of the University of Alberta’s Canadian Studies program.

“I thought of my Canadian Studies students and how much I love them, and that these injustices are things they should know.”

The books required many hours of research, but Susan says that’s not a problem at all. “The research is the easy part. Making it into a story that somebody might read – that’s tough.”

About the Writer in Residence program

Interested writers seeking advice or consultation about their work or writing in general can book an appointment with Susan through the Writer in Residence program.

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