Brewing up questions

September 18, 2018 | Campus Life
On Sept. 20, MacEwan students are invited to join four faculty members for a brew, and to look at beer from a number of academic perspectives.

The popular beverage is a great entry point for a discussion of research, says Cynthia Zutter, associate vice-president, Research and Teaching.

“For students, this provides just one example of how the education that they are receiving can take them to the leading edge of knowledge, research and innovation,” says Cynthia. “It’s an opportunity to consider the interconnectedness of various disciplines as they plan their career path.”

The Beer in U event, held at the Dirtbag Cafe, allows students to consider a single topic from a multidisciplinary perspective, as professors from biology, business, classics and English present their beer-related research.

This year’s event includes presentations by Melissa Hills (Biology), Daniel Martin (English), Kevin Solez (Classics) and Michael Roberts (Business). Students will get a tangible understanding of how research is conducted in different disciplines, while learning new facts on a favourite beverage. Kevin, for example, will look at how ancient cultures interacted with beer.

“In Greek and Roman civilization, beer was usually viewed as a sign of cultural difference – it separated the wine-drinking Greeks and Romans from their beer-drinking neighbours,” he explains.

Kevin will also reveal his new translation of an ancient beer recipe, written in Greek around 300 AD, describing an Egyptian beer made from partially-baked bread.

The event not only offers new flavours and conversations, but provides students with advice on how they can take on research opportunities during their degree.

“If students come away from this event with more questions than answers, that’s what the research process is all about,” says Cynthia.

Admission to Beer in U is $5, or a food bank donation at the door – all proceeds are donated to the SAMU food bank. The event is from 5 to 7 p.m. at the Dirtbag Cafe (10505 107 St NW, Edmonton). Students will get a chance to do a beer tasting – as long as they bring ID!


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