You have problems to solve, new knowledge to discover, creative projects to explore. Now you need funding to get your research off the ground. We support faculty-driven, student-engaged research through a variety of internally funded grants, awards and fellowships, as well as through the Board of Governors Research Chair.

Grants Adjudication Committee

All internally funded, university-wide grants are reviewed by the Grants Adjudication Committee. Representatives from all schools and faculties sit on the committee. If you are interested in supporting research at MacEwan by joining this committee, watch for the call for membership each March.

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Research by the numbers

From October 2011 through October 2016, Research Council and the Office of Research Services awarded 340 grants, worth a total of $1.39 million. The success rate of applicants was 85% (340/401). 


Support research

Help create a culture of research excellence at MacEwan University. You can play an active role in supporting research by becoming a part of Research Council, the Grants Adjudication Committee or a subcommittee.