Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC)


Full-time Research | All students | February 24, 2020

The Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) sponsors annual Undergraduate Student Research Awards (USRA). These summer student awards are intended to stimulate student interest in research in the natural sciences and engineering, encourage student interest in graduate studies and promote a research career in these fields. Students gain research work experience that complements their studies.

A faculty supervisor oversees the work of the award recipient. Potential faculty supervisors for 2018 application have a minimum of $5,625 in funding ($4,500 from NSERC + $1,125 minimum contribution from the university/faculty supervisor) for 16 weeks of full-time work.

USRA Student Application Form

USRA Committee Terms of Reference 



Application deadline: February 24, 2020


Faculty supervisors

Biological Sciences

  • Dr. Kevin Judge,
    Research Area: Sexual selection and the ecology of mating systems

Computer Science

  • Dr. Dana Cobzas,
    Research Area: Sparse methods on manifolds of images and shapes for significant anatomy detection linked to disease

Mathematics and Statistics

  • Dr. Cristina Anton,
    Research Area: Differential equations, stochastic processes and their applications

  • Dr. Brian Franczak,
    Research Area: Mixtures of contaminated shifted asymmetric Laplace factor analyzers

  • Dr. Rui Hu,
    Research Area: Robust model discrimination designs and robust sub-sampling for big data regression

  • Dr. Nicolae Strungaru,
    Research Areas: Mathematics of aperiodic order; physical quasi-crystals

  • Dr. Adi Tcaciuc,
    Research Areas: Functional analysis; Operator theory

  • Dr. Christopher Ramsey,
    Research Areas: Operator algebras and matrix-valued integration.

Physical Sciences

  • Dr. Matthew Ross,
    Research Area: Fates and effects of environmental pollutants

  • Dr. Samuel Mugo,
    Research Area: Polymer nanomaterials for portable sensing and encapsulation; 3D fabrication from biomaterials

  • Dr. Erin Walton,
    Research Area: Shock metamorphism of astromaterials, with an emphasis on Martian meteorites


  • Dr. Trevor Hamilton,
    Research Area: Pharmacological and environmentally-induced changes in fish behavior

  • Dr. Christopher Striemer,
    Research Area: Cognitive neuroscience of attention, perception and visuomotor control.