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Publication Grant

Internal Funding | Faculty | OPEN

MacEwan University publication grants are competitive awards designed to support costs and fees associated with the dissemination of scholarly work in peer-reviewed journals (including open access) and books by reputable publishers. If you are a lead or corresponding author of a publication, have obtained a letter of confirmation from a publisher and can demonstrate that other sources of funding that may have been used to cover publication costs have been accessed and exhausted, you are eligible to apply for this award.

Apply for the Publication Grant by following these steps:

1. Log in to PeopleSoft.

2. Choose the Research tile.

3. Navigate to the My Grant Application page and select Publication Grant from the list of awards. Choose Start a New Application to begin a new application. Applications that have already been started can also be accessed from this screen. 

Note: Publication Grant will only show up in the list when applications are open.



Open | Sessional, tenure-track, tenured