At MacEwan University, we hold ourselves to the highest standards when conducting research. Our faculty and students work together to create a culture of research integrity and transparency.

Guided by integrity 

Before undertaking or applying for any kind of research, familiarize yourself with the following policies, codes, frameworks and forms:

Animal Research Ethics

Code of conduct

Conflict of commitment disclosure form and management agreement

Conflict of Interest and Commitment Policy

Conflict of interest determination form

Ethical Review of Research with Human Participants

Invention disclosure form


Responsible Conduct of Research and Scholarly Activity Policy

Responsible conduct of research framework

Student intellectual property rights

Use of Personal Information for Research Purposes Procedure



The Institutional Biosafety Committee provides direction and support to faculty, students and staff regarding the safe use of biohazardous materials for teaching, learning and research. The committee reviews biosafety permit applications, issues permits and reviews activities that involve biohazardous materials to ensure laws, statutes and standards are met.

Guidelines and Definitions


Policy Icon Ilustration

Research-related policies

A number of policies are pertinent to the research you conduct as a MacEwan faculty member, student or staff. Through policy, we ensure high quality research that meets ethical standards.