Excellent work grows from strong support. The Office of Research Services assists faculty throughout the research project cycle by answering questions, facilitating workshops and helping you navigate the sometimes complex world of research funding.

Research assistants

Research assistants (RAs) are available to all faculties and schools for general research tasks, including literature reviews, data coding, assistance with data analysis and laboratory and field work.

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Statistical consultation

The Department of Mathematics & Statistics can ensure that the data you gather supports your research goals. What is an ideal sample size for the research study you’re proposing? Which methods should you use for proper data analysis? How should the statistical results be interpreted? Consulting statistics experts to support your research enhances your credibility as a serious researcher.

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Survey consultation

Does your project require a large survey to gather feedback or opinions? Shelley Boulianne, an associate professor in sociology at MacEwan University, has extensive experience with large survey administration and questionnaire design. She can help improve the response rates to your surveys, give advice on questionnaire design and survey administration and show you how to report on survey methodology. These consultations focus on large survey design, not on general research advice. As well as offering one-on-one consultation on this topic, Shelley also offers workshops on survey design and administration for the Office of Research Services.

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MacEwan University Library supports faculty at all stages of research, whether you are just starting out, ready to publish or want to share and assess the impact of previously published works. Consult the library website for information on services to help you with publishing, open access, research data management, accessing secondary data and tracking and analyzing research metrics for grant applications and dossiers.

Publishing support

Research support