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Our students are curious about the world around them. They have ideas to explore and creative impulses to nurture. At MacEwan University, we value student-engaged research and encourage our students to ask big questions. 

Funding opportunities

Application workshops and additional information

In the weeks prior to USRI grant deadlines, the Office of Research Services will host workshops to support you with the application process. For more information on workshop dates email

Learn more about USRI grants by reading these documents.

USRI Student Guidelines

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Faculty Mentor Guidelines

Student Intellectual Property (IP) Agreement

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Undergraduate Student Research Initiative

The Undergraduate Student Research Initiative (USRI), a subcommittee of MacEwan's Research Council, is responsible for developing our student research strategy as outlined in the campus Strategic Plan for Research. The plan focuses on fostering student involvement in research and providing students with the opportunity to deepen their knowledge.


The USRI collaborates closely with the Office of Research Services (ORS) and facilitates faculty mentorship for students engaged in conducting research and disseminating findings. As well, the USRI sponsors two internal grants.

Past recipients

Since the USRI grants were established, many students have had the opportunity to explore their research passion. Find out which proposals received funding.

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Baskets, baskets everywhere

Handwoven baskets, dubbed Tanzanian Tupperware by Katie Biittner, assistant professor in anthropology, are key to her community-based research. They are "an avenue for economic improvement and social engagement," says student researcher Jesse Heintz.