Research is a collaborative effort. The Office of Research Services, faculty members and the MacEwan library all look forward to helping you succeed as an undergraduate researcher. 

MacEwan University Library

If you need help with any aspect of student research, make your way to the MacEwan University Library. Conducting literature reviews, citing sources, evaluating online sources—the website hosts a number of digital and downloadable resources. If you prefer to talk to someone in person, you can meet with librarians who can answer your research-related questions.

If you’ve completed a research project and want to share your findings with a larger audience, the library, together with the Undergraduate Student Research Initiative, has developed a guide with strategies and information about presenting at conferences and getting published. The guide includes information on topics such as writing abstracts and creating oral and poster presentations.

Research support

Sharing guide


Application workshops and additional information

In the weeks prior to USRI grant deadlines, the Office of Research Services will host workshops to support you with the application process. For more information on workshop dates email

Learn more about USRI grants by reading these documents.

USRI Student Guidelines

USRI Final Report form

Faculty Mentor Guidelines

Student Intellectual Property (IP) Agreement

Travel Authorization Form

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