Student Research Day

Students at research day

Community-based research, art and design creations, original compositions, scientific experiments—it's time to celebrate our students' achievements. Each spring, students from across campus showcase their best work at Student Research Day.

Students, alumni, employees, the general public—everyone is invited to this full-day event where they can speak to students about their scholarly and creative accomplishments. If you are current student or a recent graduate (within one year of graduation), you can apply to present a project or share research or creative work.


COVID-19 update

Due to concerns over public gatherings during COVID-19, Student Research Day 2020 has been cancelled.


2020 Student Research Day

Applications to participate in the 2020 Student Research Day are now open. We look forward to hearing about your exciting research ideas.

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Presentation tips and strategies

If you are presenting at Student Research Day, you can use guidelines developed by MacEwan Library for creating effective and professional posters and presentations.

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Past years’ research

Find out about projects and activities that took place at past years’ Student Research Days. 

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Stories of discovery

Prop-making processes, Icelandic paintings, space rocks, the link between cannabinoids and stress—at the 2019 Student Research Day, more than 200 students prepared presentations, project displays and posters.