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MacEwan University policies are divided into three categories: Academic, Administrative and Governance, and then by more specific policy areas within each category. Policies can be searched by keyword, category or area.

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Employee Code of Conduct

MacEwan University policies are guided by the Code of Conduct.

Employee code of conduct 2019

Further information about the implementation of the code of conduct effective July 1, 2019, and an FAQ section can be found on the Human Resources Information for Employees page in myPortal.

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Student Academic Integrity Policy

Policy Statement

MacEwan University (the “University”) is a community of scholarship and service dedicated to the pursuit of truth and knowledge through teaching, research, and study. Academic Integrity is at the core of this enterprise and aligns with the University’s commitment to academic excellence and quality education. The University is committed to promoting and upholding an environment of Academic Integrity through education, compliance with standards, and prevention of violation of those standards.


  1. Academic Integrity ensures that academic successes are gained fairly. This policy explains the University’s expectations of Students, Instructing Faculty, and the University concerning Academic Integrity, so Students can understand their rights and responsibilities, make informed decisions, and be accountable for those decisions in a fair manner and to a fair outcome.
  2. Academic Misconduct undermines the efforts and achievements of other students, detracts from the University’s reputation and the integrity of its credentials, and threatens the integrity of the broader scholarly community. Suspected Academic Misconduct shall be investigated and resolved by the University, including disciplinary action in accordance with this policy.


This policy applies exclusively to Academic Integrity of Students in the teaching and learning enterprise.

This policy does not apply to Academic Integrity related to research and scholarly activity as addressed in the following policies:

  • Research, Scholarship and Creative Activity;
  • Responsible Conduct of Research and Scholarly Activity;
  • Ethical Review of Research with Human Participants; and
  • Animal Research Ethics.

All members of the University community share responsibility for complying with and enforcing Academic Integrity standards.

Associated Policy/Procedures

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Student Academic Misconduct Procedure

Policy Statement

This procedure outlines the University’s response to incidents of Academic Misconduct of Students. The University is committed to promptly, thoroughly, and impartially responding to Academic Misconduct in a manner that ensures due process and fairness.

Associated Policy/Procedures

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Students with Disabilities

Policy Statement

MacEwan shall take all reasonable measures, short of undue hardship, to provide accommodation to students with disabilities. The reasonable accommodation of students with disabilities shall not require MacEwan to lower its standards, academic or otherwise, nor shall it relieve a student of the responsibility to develop and demonstrate the essential skills and competencies expected of all students pursuing post-secondary studies.


This policy pertains to students with disabilities who apply to and, having satisfied admission criteria, are enrolled in MacEwan programs and courses including off campus activities such as clinical and practicum placements. Academic activities undertaken off campus are addressed by agreement with the third party involved.


This policy is intended to support MacEwan's mission and the provision of an accessible environment in support of teaching and learning excellence, as well as judicious stewardship of resources, respecting the importance of a consultative learning community.

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