Learning Outside Class

Every day, the university hums with activity that happens outside the classroom.

Activity designed to pique your interest, expose you to subjects outside your own area of study, inspire you and enrich your experience at MacEwan University.

Conferences. Speakers series. Special events. Theatre productions and musical performances. Exhibits of student work.

Here, you'll be exposed to a world of experience - the talents, knowledge and life experiences of renowned experts, authors and musicians from around the world - and from right here under our own roof.

Here's a small selection:

  • Lectures and presentations: Throughout the year, our faculties, schools and departments present these sessions that expand and supplement the academic experience.
  • Conferences: Stimulating discussion. Thought-provoking ideas. Ground breaking theories. Throughout the year, academic areas host these "meeting of the minds" that bring together faculty and students from our university and experts from around the world.
  • Writer in Residence: A professional Alberta writer who is invited to the university to work on a writing project. During the residency, the writer offers free consultations on manuscripts to students and the public, presents readings and lectures.
  • MacEwan Book of the Year: A book of contemporary Canadian fiction nominated by the MacEwan community. Its author is invited to discuss the book with students and faculty and the public through activites including readings, workshops or symposia. A student writing contest based on the chosen book is also held.
  • Scholarly Activity and Research Showcase: An annual event that highlights the diversity and depth of research, scholarly activity and creative achievements at MacEwan. The showcase highlights the valuable contributions that research makes to teaching and learning at MacEwan University.

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