Admission Decisions

We know that the decision on your admission to MacEwan University affects many choices you need to make about your future, so we will make every effort to get back to you as soon as possible.

We would like to predict how long you will wait to hear back from us but there is no definitive timeline. If we have received all the information we need to assess your application and your program requirements include only academic criteria, a decision could take as little as five to ten business days for domestic students.

Additional program-specific admission criteria can take longer to review.

You can avoid delays by submitting admission documents as quickly as possible and monitoring your To Do List in myStudentSystem for changes or new requests.

Notice of decision

After an admission decision is made we will let you know. Notice of an admission decision is sent to domestic applicants by mail and to international applicants by email. Notices will be sent to the address listed on your original application unless you have updated your contact information through myStudentSystem.

Offer of admission

An offer of admission means you have been accepted to your program of choice. Congratulations! After you receive an offer of admission or conditional admission, you will need to provide confirmation of admission.

Conditional offer of admission

A conditional admission letter will indicate that requirements are outstanding in your application. It will include an overview of conditions and a deadline by which all requirements must be fulfilled. You will need to take action to clear these conditions by the specified deadline.

It is important to track your application through myStudentSystem and to complete 'To Do List' items by the appropriate deadline. As each condition is cleared the status will change from initiated to received. Once all conditions have a status of received, your acceptance becomes final. No additional offer of admission letter will be sent.


If you are admissible but there are no seats available in your program, you may be offered a place on a waiting list. Applicants are accepted from the waiting list in order, according to the date the admission decision was made.

Admission declined

There are options when you are not offered admission to your program of choice: upgrading your academic requirements, applying to related programs or applying again for another start date when more space is available. Your letter will give you an indication of where you can find advice and services to improve future applications

If you are missing some of the requirements for admission to your program of choice, we may send you an email offering our University Preparation program or, for international students, our Academic Pathways preparatory program.

Admission decisions are not subject to appeal. In cases where the reason for inadmissibility is failure to meet program-specific admission requirements, you may discuss your application with an advisor in the program.