Early Admission

MacEwan University offers early admission to qualified applicants prior to the completion of their program admission requirements.

To be considered for early admission you must present:

  • A complete list of all grade 12 courses on your application for admission. Include the grade 12 courses you have completed, those in progress and those you are planning to take.

  • Any additional "other" admission requirements.

Your application will be evaluated based on your final grades in grade 11 and/or grade 12 courses.

1. Apply

Submit your application for early admission online through ApplyAlberta.

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2. Keep us advised of course enrolment

Inform the Office of the University Registrar if you register or intend to register in high school courses that you have not reported on your admissions application.

If you are an Alberta high school student send us your Detailed Academic Report (DAR) accessed through myPass. If you are a student outside of Alberta, submit a Confirmation of High School Registration form.

If we are not aware that you are upgrading or are registered in required courses, your application may be denied.

3. Clear conditions

If you are offered early admission, your acceptance becomes final only once all conditions are cleared. A conditional admission email is sent to your myMacEwan Gmail account. It will include:

  • details of the required admissions confirmation deposit,

  • an overview of conditions and

  • applicable deadlines by which all requirements must be fulfilled.

It is important to track your application through myStudentSystem and to complete To-Do List items by the appropriate deadline. As each condition is cleared, the status will change from initiated to completed and the item will be removed from your To-Do List.

When you have cleared all conditions, an email confirmation will be sent to your myMacEwan Gmail account.

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