Previous Post-secondary

If you have attempted 9 or more credits of post-secondary coursework before you apply to MacEwan University, you may be required to present a minimum admission grade point average (AGPA) in addition to your high school requirements.


Your AGPA averages your results in recent coursework completed according to the calculations below. Your AGPA is different from your overall GPA, which averages your results in all coursework completed.

The post-secondary coursework that may be used to calculate your AGPA will be defined in program-specific admission criteria. Check your program's admission requirements for details. Some programs may accept coursework from any post-secondary institution and others may only accept university-level credit.  


Calculating AGPA: 2020-21

The Admission Grade Point Average (AGPA) used for admission during the 2020-2021 academic year will be the greater of:

a) the standard AGPA calculation where Credit (CR)/No-Credit (NC) grades are used to establish the required credit threshold but excluded in calculating the AGPA


b) the Fall 2019 academic term Grade Point Average (GPA) where at least nine credits were attempted.

Applicants who are presenting courses from the Winter 2020 academic term that have been assigned a CR/Pass grade may use those courses to fulfill admission and prerequisite course requirements.

Minimum 24 credits attempted

Admission Grade Point Average (AGPA) is calculated on all post-secondary coursework attempted in the most recent two terms of study if they contain 24 credits of course work. If these two terms contain fewer than 24 credits of course work, we look at the next most recent term(s) until 24 credits of post-secondary coursework is reached. Your grades for all courses within all terms required to reach the 24 credits are used to calculate the AGPA. This means your AGPA may be calculated on more than 24 credits.

Minimum of 9 credits attempted

If you have attempted 9 or more credits but fewer than 24 credits of post-secondary coursework, the AGPA is based on all post-secondary credits attempted.

Fewer than 9 credits attempted

An AGPA is not calculated for applicants who have attempted fewer than 9 credits of post-secondary coursework. Applications will be evaluated on the basis of high school grades.

Required to Withdraw (RTW)

If you have been required to withdraw (or equivalent) from a program or institution, you will not be considered for admission for 12 months after the date of withdrawal. You can apply during this period for a term that starts after the 12 months have elapsed.