Apply Now

Before you apply

1. Check program availability

You will need to check admission dates and deadlines to be sure your program is still accepting applications.


2. Submit only one application per term through ApplyAlberta

Most programs will allow you to select a second choice program within the same application. Your second choice will be evaluated if you are deemed ineligible or placed on a waitlist for your first choice program. If you submit a separate application for the same term, your first application will be withdrawn.


3. Pay your non-refundable Application fee

A non-refundable application fee must be included with your application. The application fee must be paid each time an application for admission is submitted.


Apply online

Online applications are processed through ApplyAlberta, an application service used by most post-secondary institutions in Alberta. The ApplyAlberta website can be used by anyone applying to MacEwan University, including out-of-province and international students. To complete your application using ApplyAlberta, it’s helpful to have the following materials on hand:

  • Your Alberta Student Number (if you have one—if not, ApplyAlberta will assign one)

  • A list of the high schools and post-secondary institutions you have attended and the dates you attended each one

  • Your high school marks (optional)

  • A credit card or INTERAC© Online debit card to pay the application fee


Apply online via the ApplyAlberta website 


MyAlberta Digital ID (MADI): A single, verified online identity

MADI is a secure account that makes it easier for individuals to access Government of Alberta online services, including ApplyAlberta. It lets you prove who you are online without paper documents or face-to-face visits, while protecting your information and privacy.

As of January 23, 2019, applicants using ApplyAlberta to apply to MacEwan University will be required to set up a basic MADI account to access the online application. (Previously, applicants created a Secure Identity & Access Management System [SIAMS] account to access ApplyAlberta.)

Applicants accessing ApplyAlberta for the first time will be required to create a new MADI account. Applicants with an existing SIAMS account will be required to transfer their SIAMS account to MADI. Applicants with a SIAMS account should ensure that the email address connected to their SIAMS account is current, as a confirmation code will be sent to this email to confirm the SIAMS transfer to MADI.