From outside Canada

If you attended an educational institution outside of Canada, we require specific official documents to assess your credentials correctly. Document requirements are different for each country.

Check document requirements by country

Open the .pdf linked below to find the latest requirements.

Educational Document Requirements by Country (PDF)


For each institution you attended:

  1. Find the country where the institution is located.

  2. Find the column that matches the level of education you studied at that institution.

  3. Make a list of the documents you will require.

Submit copies of original documents

We will complete an initial evaluation with copies of your original documents while you order official educational document(s). 

  1. Scan—in colour—both sides of each original document.

  2. Use your MacEwan email account. This email is offered through Gmail but will end in Access your email account through

  3. Include your full name, student ID number, program name and the semester you applied to on Apply Alberta

  4. Attach your scanned original files to the email with the scanned translation of any documents in a language other than English.

  5. Send your email to

Original vs official documents

If you have an academic record or document in your possession, we refer to it as an original document. It is unofficial because it is open and has not been sent directly to MacEwan University from the issuing institution or authority.

Documents are considered official when sent directly from the issuing authority or institution(s) to the Office of the University Registrar (exceptions are rare). Document images sent by email or original documents in your possession cannot be considered official by admissions.

Order official documents

Your application must include official versions of all required documents.

You will need to make arrangements with each educational authority or institution you attended to order official transcripts or documents. Have these documents sent directly from the issuing authority to the Office of the University Registrar at MacEwan University. The processing time varies by institution and they may charge a fee for this service.

If the institution or authority issues your documents to you, they must seal the envelope and stamp or sign across the seal for us to consider them official. Do not open sealed documents.

Bring all admission documents with you to MacEwan University

You must bring all original documents, supporting documents and certified English translations to MacEwan University when you arrive in Canada.

You can also upload your document translations to myStudentSystem:

  1. Log in to

  2. Launch myStudentSystem

  3. From your student homepage, select My Documents

  4. Choose your Document Type from the dropdown menu

  5. Upload your document (.PDF only)


If your academic records are in a language other than English, you must submit both the original language document and a certified English translation, which must be complete, literal, word-for-word and in the same format as the original document.

Official transcripts from authorities or institutions become the property of MacEwan University. Original credentials (those in your possession like degree parchments) will be examined and returned.