Audit a Course

Auditors are students who have been granted official permission to attend lectures in a course on the understanding that they may not participate in class discussions or use equipment, undertake assignments or sit for examinations, except at the invitation of the instructor.

An audited course may not be credited toward the requirements for any certificate, diploma or degree at MacEwan University. Normally, no more than one course in each term may be audited. Students are not permitted to change status from credit to audit, or audit to credit, after the last day to add/drop courses in any term.

Apply to audit a course

Auditing is a privilege. All students who wish to audit a course must complete the Application to Audit form:

  • Complete, in full, part 1 of the application to audit form
  • Part 2 must be completed by both the faculty advisor or instructor of the course and the program/department chair responsible for the course.
  • The student record is then updated by the Office of the University Registrar, fees are assessed, and outstanding fees paid.

Tuition and fees for audited courses

The auditing fee is generally 50% of the course tuition. If the course is a self-funded course, 100% of the course tuition will be charged for the auditing privilege. Any applicable materials and activity fees will also be assessed.