Register a Locker

Full-time MacEwan University students are entitled to rent one locker. MacEwan University is not responsible for items stored in lockers.

Register and pay for your locker

1. Choose your locker: any empty locker (without a Reserved sticker) is available.

2. Place a lock on it.

Do not leave your registered locker without a lock at any time. If you remove your lock, the locker is considered vacated and will become available for another student to take.

3. Launch the locker registration application by clicking on the launcher icon for Locker Registration in

OR, on a mobile device, launch the mobile locker registration application (you will be prompted to log in)

4. Follow the instructions to register and pay for your locker. Credit cards and most debit cards are accepted. Locker fees are non-refundable.


$20 per term. 

For example:

  • Full year (September - April): $40
  • Term (September - December or January - April): $20

Fees are non-refundable.

Unregistered lockers

Lockers not registered by the registration deadline will have the lock cut.

Contents will remain untouched and a MacEwan University lock will be placed on the locker for 14 days. There will be a fee of $25 to reclaim the contents. Unclaimed items are donated to charity after the 14 days.

Locker cleanout

If your lock has been cut, visit the Office of the University Registrar to make the necessary arrangements and payment to retrieve your belongings.