Verify Enrolment

You may require a verification of enrolment document to confirm your status as a student for a term or a range of terms.

A verification of enrolment document lists your credits, full-time or part-time status and your program. The verification of enrolment includes the signature of the University Registrar and is on official MacEwan letterhead. It is produced using a secure, authorized login so does not require an additional university seal.

The verification of enrolment can be used for access to student-specific benefits at other organizations, specifically:

  • RESP providers
  • parental health plans
  • employer benefits
  • external-to-MacEwan scholarship applications.

This document cannot be used to verify enrolment for student loans. See an advisor in the Office of the University Registrar if you require verification for this purpose. The enrollment verification document available from myStudentSystem is not sufficient for immigration applications. You will need to request a confirmation letter.

Print or download verification of enrolment

You can access the verification of enrolment document through myStudentSystem.

Note: You need to disable pop-up blockers to complete this task.


  1. Log in to
  2. Launch myStudentSystem
  3. Go to the Academic Records tile
  4. Click Enrolment Verification from menu on the left.
  5. Select the Terms.
  6. Open pdf to view or print.

Confirmation letter

If the verification of enrolment document is not sufficient for your purposes, you may request a confirmation letter.