Dropping Classes/Withdrawing

To keep your funding for the year, you must maintain full-time enrolment for your entire period of studies. Full-time enrolment is at least 60 per cent of your program’s course load (40 per cent if you have a documented permanent disability). The 60-per-cent-credit value varies from program to program. For most programs, however, 60 per cent enrolment equals three courses (9 credits).

Withdrawing or dropping to part-time status

If you drop courses and become a part-time student during your funding period or if you withdraw from your studies entirely, MacEwan will notify your lender and:

  • your funding will be cancelled
  • any grants you’ve received may become repayable
  • if this occurs in the fall term, you will need to reapply for your funding for the winter term
  • if you don’t return to full-time studies within six months, you must start making loan payments.

Withdrawing more than once

You are not eligible for further funding for 12 months if you withdraw for your period of studies more than once unless there is an extenuating circumstance.

Extenuating circumstances

If you withdraw because of extenuating circumstances such as a family or medical emergency, submit a letter to Student Aid Alberta (or other province/territory funding agency) indicating the reason for your withdrawal and attach documentation (e.g., doctor’s note, letter from counsellor).

Withdrawals within 15 days of your start date

If you cash a loan and/or grant then withdraw from studies within 15 days of your program start date, you must:

  • repay grant funds in full before further funding is issued
  • repay any calculated overpayments in full before further funding is issued.