Keeping Loans Interest Free

Current Loan Funding

If you have loan funding and are a full-time student, your loans are interest free as long as you maintain full-time enrolment for your yearly period of studies. Your loans are also interest free during summer break, as long as you return to studies and confirm your enrolment with your lenders by:

  • getting a new student loan, or
  • filling in the appropriate confirmation of enrolment form.

If you apply for your loans late and don’t get them signed by October 15 of the fall term, you should complete the appropriate confirmation of enrolment form.

Students with Previous Loan Funding

If you are a full-time student without current student loan funding but have had loans in the past, you can get your loans back into interest-free status by filling out the proper confirmation of enrolment forms.

Download the appropriate form or pick one up at the Office of the University Registrar.

Confirmation of enrolment forms must be signed by either a Student Advisor in the Office of the University Registrar or a staff member at an Information Centre.


Students with Canada Student loans or integrated student loans (from Saskatchewan, Ontario, British Columbia, and New Brunswick) can send a request online to confirm their enrollment though CANLEARN.