Paying Your Fees

MacEwan University will “remit” your tuition and fees directly from your loan certificate when we confirm your enrolment. This means that, when we process your loan, we will ask that your tuition be sent directly to us.

We will process your loan electronically

If you are registered in a full-time course load for all of your semesters by the beginning of August (for studies in fall and winter terms) or the middle of November (for studies in winter term), MacEwan will confirm your enrolment with Student Aid Alberta. We will ask that your fall (and sometimes winter) tuition be sent to us directly. The university considers your tuition paid on the day we electronically confirm your loan, even though we won’t receive the money for a few weeks after you process your loans.

Don’t pay twice!

Once we electronically confirm your loans, we consider your tuition from your loan provider if you have not paid your tuition. If your funding is not enough to cover your fees, it is your responsibility to pay the balance before the tuition deadline.

If you are on loan funding and are unsure whether or not your tuition is paid, refer to your Financial information found in myStudentSystem.