Admission Fees


Application for Admission Fee $110
Outbound Exchange Student Application Fee $100


Admission confirmation deposit

If you accept admission to a program, you are required to pay an admission confirmation deposit. These funds will be applied towards your tuition. You must pay the deposit even if you have applied for student loans, scholarships, bursaries, or sponsored payments. If you do not pay your admission confirmation deposit by the deadline indicated in your offer letter, your offer of admission will be withdrawn.



New Domestic Students:  
English as a Second Language, University Preparation $2001
All other programs $4002


New International Students:  
Residing outside of Canada at time of application $10,0003
Residing within Canada at time of application $1,0001


1Non refundable

2A domestic student may be eligible for a 50% refund of their admission confirmation deposit if they notify the Office of the University Registrar in writing of their intent to withdraw from the university by the following deadlines:

  • Fall Term – July 1

  • Winter Term – November 1

  • Spring/Summer Term – March 1

3International applicants residing outside of Canada at time of application will receive a full refund if the Study Permit is denied; applicants must submit a copy of the denial letter from Citizenship & Immigration Canada to the Office of the University Registrar for a full refund. Otherwise, they may receive a 50% refund.