General Information

When you become a post-secondary student, you need to balance more than just classes, homework and social activities. You also need to be able to balance your budget. We want to help you feel prepared for the financial demands of a university education.


Tuition fees

Tuition fees, which cover the cost of instruction, are established and reviewed each year through MacEwan’s approval process and in accordance with provincial legislation. Tuition amounts depend on the number of credits you take in a term and the cost per credit for your program. Our tuition and term fee estimator can give you a rough idea of how much you should budget for each term.


Service fees

Service fees cover the costs of specific products or services related to your program of study. Some of these fees are optional, such as the cost of a locker. Others are mandatory, such as your application fee, the student ID card fee and the work placement fee charged to business co-op students. As with tuition fees, MacEwan reviews and approves service fees annually.


Deadlines and balances

Be prepared to pay tuition and applicable fees by the deadline each term. Payments you make will be applied against any outstanding balance from a previous term before being applied to current or future tuition and term fees.