Tuition and Fees Estimator

Going to university requires a significant financial investment: tuition fees, service fees, books and supplies. It all adds up. But with a bit of planning, you can enjoy all that student life has to offer, even while balancing work and your studies.

Use this tuition estimator to roughly calculate the fees you can expect in a single term. There are typically two terms in one academic year.

The fees in this estimate apply to Canadian citizens, permanent residents and Convention refugees. International students, please use the estimator on MacEwan International.

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Tuition estimator for Canadian citizens, permanent residents and Convention refugees.


Select the program you are interested in:


Select the number of credits you will take in a term:


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Information on Canadian and International student status is found on our Tuition and Term Fees page


Credits and course load

Most courses are worth 3 credits and most programs consider 15 credits (5 courses) a full course load for one term. You need to take a minimum of 9 credits to be considered full-time for the purposes of student loans, unless you have been approved through Services to Students with Disabilities to take a reduced course load.

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Estimate the cost of your program

Check the cost estimate sheet for the approximate cost of your entire program—including your books and supplies. Estimates are based on current tuition and fees which are subject to change in future years.

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Balance the books with some helpful advice

Our financial aid advisors can answer your questions about a range of financial topics, from budgeting to bursaries and student loans to lines of credit.


Pay your tuition and fees

Be prepared to pay tuition and applicable fees by the deadline each term. A payment will be applied against any outstanding balance from a previous term before being applied to current or future tuition and term fees.