Tuition and Fees Estimator

This calculator will estimate tuition and fees for a single term for on-campus programs. There are typically two terms in one academic year.


Select the program you are interested in:


Select the number of credits you will take in a term:

*Tuition and fees for international students in fall or winter terms are calculated on a minimum of nine credits. Even if you take fewer than nine credits, you will be charged the international student tuition for nine credits ($5742).


Select your student status:

Information on Canadian and International student status is found on our Tuition and Term Fees page


Credits and course load:

  • Most courses are worth 3 credits and most programs consider 15 credits (5 courses) a full course load for one term. To estimate the cost of a full course load (5 courses) in one term, you would enter 15 credits in Step 2 above. Check your program of study to confirm the term credit load for your program.

  • You need to take a minimum of 9 credits to be considered full-time for the purposes of student loans, unless you have been approved through Services to Students with Disabilities to take a reduced course load.